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7 Apps Geared to Boost Work Productivity

Posted by on in Employees

Managing multiple tasks and keeping up with work responsibilities can become overwhelming. Luckily applications (apps) are available to organize and prioritize workload for optimal performance and productivity. Apps are accessible via download on most mobile devices. Let’s take a closer look into apps geared to manage workload and enhance job performance.

1. LogMeIn – This app accesses your computer remotely from other mobile devices. You can also edit and transfer files. It’s a neat app if you work on-the-go or have multiple office locations.  

2. Wunderlist – A to-do app that organizes lists, with the ability to set alarms and reminders. Users can also share their lists with other co-workers, friends, and family.

3. Asana – This all-in-one app is great for team projects! Users can assign different tasks to each person, establish multiple projects, and communicate with other team members. The app also monitors progress of projects and shares with the team tasks that need to be completed.

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Highly Sought-Out Jobs for This Holiday Season

Posted by on in Job Seekers

The holidays are here! Along with shopping and baking delicious meals, it also presents new opportunities for jobseekers. Companies often experience increases in sales and consumer needs during this time of year, resulting in the need for additional staffing personnel. Various work shifts and flexible schedules are incentives for potential candidates, along with employee discounts and other benefits offered. Whether you’re seeking extra income for holiday expenses or searching for stable employment, seasonal jobs offer unlimited opportunities!

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Career Advice From Some of the Greatest Influencers

Posted by on in Careers

Perhaps you dreamed of becoming a pilot or astronaut, yet career aspirations seemed unattainable. Some people choose professions like dentists and business, while others desire to transform and inspire the world. Why do some individuals succeed and others are challenged with the mere thought of starting a career? Let’s explore the advice of some of the greatest influencers who are impacting our world till this present day!

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What Retirement Looks Like in Todays Workforce

Posted by on in Employees

More and more individuals find it challenging to retire by age 65. A survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) on 1,026 adults age 35 and older shows longer expectancy of employment beyond traditional retirement age. Most participants were full-time workers who simply cannot afford the cost of living if retired by 65. Financial uncertainties as well as health factors creates great stress for many adults working in later stages of life. As noted by AARP, “Indeed, 11 percent of these respondents say they expect to keep working into their 80s or beyond.” Employees and business owners are remaining in the workforce past retirement age in attempt to support health and living expenses. Consequently, retiring by age 65 is becoming less popular for older adults in today's society.

Retirement in Todays Workforce

“The survey finds that half of respondents say they lose sleep over their financial worries. If money were not a concern, they say they would spend time volunteering or traveling, and almost half of those in the workforce would quit their job.”, documents the AARP. Employer contributions for healthcare coverage and personal financial obligations are among the top motivating for factors when considering retirement. Fortunately, it’s never too late for retirement planning. Taking small steps towards financial security generates empowerment and positive outcomes. Making time for people and activities you enjoy adds meaning and fulfillment while working towards retirement goals.     

This article is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide advice or direct client decisions. Financial suggestions should be discussed with a professional who specializes in retirementment prior to implenting any ideas discussed in this article. 

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Using Setbacks As Springboards For Success

Posted by on in Business & Management

Setbacks are a natural propensity in leadership and business development. It would be great if a vaccine provided immunity from potential failures. Until then, we all face challenges that can shake us at our core. Rather than allowing setbacks to halt professional growth, use such experiences as a springboard to manifest influential outcomes. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Failure is not the end, but rather provides an opportunity for significant transformation.

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