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Fuel Prices and Employment Rates: Does one Influence the Other?

Posted by on in In the News

Abundant oil supply and not enough demand are causing a drop in gasoline prices. Does saving a little cash at the gas pump influence economic growth and employment rates? Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal and researcher at Trends Institute, comments on the decrease in oil prices. When interviewed by a reporter Celente shares how lower gasoline prices helps some consumers, yet offers little assistance for people with high debts and poor income jobs. Celente goes on to share how saving a few pennies at the pump helps, but fails to create meaningful economic change. To view the full interview please click here.

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Give Your Career a Fresh Start This New Year!

Posted by on in Careers

Ready for a career that’s invigorating, compelling, and highly sought-out? Whether you’re aspiring professional growth, establishing a business, or in search for a fulfilling job role, it’s crucial to examine your options. Analyzing career options is equally important when choosing amongst occupations that fit personal ambitions and lifestyle. If you’re looking to give your career a fresh start this New Year, then get ready to learn and implement effective career-planning tips!

Career Planning Tips for the New Year:

1. Make a List of Short-Term & Long-Term Goals: Actions that require priority can be assigned as short-term goals to be accomplished within 6-9 months. Long-term goals can be divided into yearly accomplishments or specific timeframes (i.e. every 5 years, etc.) to monitor career progress. Also, document the time period it will take to complete educational requirements and financial investments. Doing so helps to establish realistic short-term and long-term goals.

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10 Tips for Managing Effectively During Peak Seasons

Posted by on in Business & Management

Pressure spikes with increase business demands, employee engagement, and consumer needs during peak seasons. A hectic work environment can be challenging for managers and employees alike. With the right mindset and adequate preparation managers can lead proficiently and effectively – even in the busiest times of the year.

Tips for Leaders on Effective Management During Peak Seasons

Be Flexible. Planning is a vital component in management, yet flexibility and adaptability to change are also of upmost importance in leadership. Be open to changes in projects, schedules, ideas, and other business opportunities.

Have a “Plan B”. Develop a strategic plan with staff members to prepare for busy times of the year. Be sure to have a “Plan B” in the event your initial strategy doesn’t turn out as planned. Don’t be caught in a state of panic if your initial plan doesn’t unfold as anticipated. Having a “Plan B” increases probability of success through adequate action planning and implementation.

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Employee Tips: Preparing for the Holiday Rush in the Workplace

Posted by on in Employees

It can be challenging to pause and plan for the holidays in a fast-paced work environment. While companies eagerly anticipate growth in sales these next few months, employees run the risk of burnout working longer shifts and trying to meet consumer demands.  There are several strategies employees can implement to ease stress and anxiety associated with increase workload and longer shifts during the holidays.

Employee Tips on Preparing for the Holiday Rush in the Workplace:

1. Plan in advance: Anticipating job responsibilities and expectations during the holiday season gives time for preparation and problem solving. What hours will you be expected to work the next few months? Will your shift fluctuate during the holidays? Knowing what to expect is valuable when making arrangements for transportation, childcare, travel, and personal commitments.

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10 Strategies to Master Panel Interviews for Job Seekers

Posted by on in Job Seekers

Panel interviews are gaining popularity as employers earnestly seek for exceptional staff to represent their company. The hiring process can be daunting, let a lone interviewing with a panel of top company leaders. Don’t be caught in a state of panic. Be prepared and confident throughout the interview process by mastering the ten strategies listed below.

Here are 10 Strategies to Master Panel Interviews:

1. Learn the company. Research facts, accomplishments, projects, goals, and company credentials. Much information is accessible on the web and in company websites. Gathering company data can be of great value during the interview process, and also demonstrates interest and preparation from the job seeker.

2. Examine the job culture. Every company has a unique work environment. Scope the workplace examining language, attire, employee interactions, and overall work ambiance. Verbal and nonverbal cues will key you into the job culture.

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